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How to exercise for 1 hour a day to lose weight

How to exercise for 1 hour a day to lose weight

According to a study published on the American College of Sports Medicine website, one hour of vigorous exercise every day lost more weight than people who exercised only 2-3 times faster heart rate. times a week Some of the reasons come from People who exercise regularly tend to eat more food to replace the part that has to be exerted

The 5 main benefits of "protein"

The 5 main benefits of “protein”

Benefits of protein is very important and essential to the food we eat on a daily basis. But do you know how protein plays a role in our body and why people who want to be healthy should eat foods rich in protein? We will take you to know that What

How does the "elderly exercise appropriate"

How does the “elderly exercise appropriate”

How does the elderly exercise appropriate. Old age is the age in which various systems in the body have deteriorated. Because the body has changed a lot It also found that some of them had emotional and psychological problems. Cause various diseases that can be prevented by exercise. Which