Why Baseball Is More Popular Than Football in America?

More than any live sport in human history, football is likely to be number one when discussing sports or providing news stories on TV, newspapers, etc. in every country. But it’s not like that with world powers like America, why is that? So what is the number one sport? Today we come to find out.

Baseball’s number one sport.

Yes, the number one sport in the United States is none other than baseball.  When hitting with great accuracy Which, when speaking to almost all Thai football fans, would say in the same voice that Unmistakably boring Or how can they play together? Can’t sleep? But for the Ma people This has been a popular sport for decades. There are both professional baseball leagues. And selection competition from youth Along with the big sponsor Which gives money to buy a lot of players, just like football in other countries More importantly, this is the most popular sport in the country. As for football, only 15% of people play.

Comparison between football and baseball

As you can see, the father and son hit the ball in almost every house, or on TV, and when the children grow up they don’t have to run into a football club like in Europe, where they have to abandon their studies. But there is encouragement to play and have funds with scouts in high school too. Only not enough When it comes to playing football as he grows up, there are still many famous clubs coming in and offering tempting wages. The big level is no different from the average football team in the world. Plus, there is not as much of a rising star’s competition rate as football. 

In conclusion, we may have begun to understand that Americans Why do they love this sport called baseball? And football must be something that takes time for the league to be successful first. To be able to catch up with baseball in the future