Tottenham Hotspur allow Harry Kane to join Manchester City

Tottenham Hotspur have given the green light to allow Harry Kane to join Manchester City. After receiving a satisfactory offer, according to the report of The sun, the city’s elite media.

Harry Kane, 27, English striker Prepare to pack bags to move to join the team. Manchester City With a fee of up to 160 million pounds after Daniel Levy accepted the offer of the Blues.

Daniel Levy, chairman of the Spurs said last month that “What other clubs want. They don’t always get what they want,” he said on the Tottenham Hotspur website, making a clear statement. That he wants to keep Harry Kane, a great striker with ufabet the team next.

But The Sun reports that Levy swallowed his own saliva. He has agreed a move for the England striker to Manchester City. After the Blue Sailboat’s offer was hard to refuse. With a price of up to 160 million pounds, there are more reports that The England striker will earn around £400,000 a week.

If this deal is real, Kane’s £160 million fee That would make him the third most expensive transfer player in the world behind Neymar, who moved to PSG for £198 million, followed by Kylian Mbappe, who. The move to PSG, too, for £166m, also makes him the most expensive transfer player in England, replacing Paul Pogba’s move to Manchester United. Cost of 89 million pounds

The 27-year-old forward has been named the Premier League’s Team of the Year five times and has been named Tottenham Hotspur’s Player of the Year twice. time