“Surf skate”, a hot sports trend

Surf skate is an extremely popular sport in Thailand. It’s a combination of skateboarding and surfing. The players will have to balance on a plank. Twist the hips to create centrifugal force to control the direction. As well as using weight transfer techniques on the feet to turn left-right It became a land surfing that required balance skills to show off the playing style.

Currently, the popularity of  Surf skate hits the celebrities. Who turned to practice playing and posting on social media This makes Thais know more about this sport as well. For beginners who want to enter the plowboard industry You must start by choosing a suitable surf skate board. Followed by learning how to play in order to learn to play fluently.

How to choose Surf skate

Beginners should pay more attention to choosing a Surf skate board  as they do not yet have expertise in playing. Therefore need to pay more attention to safety To prevent accidents that may occur during play For how to choose surf skates Must take into account the height and weight of the players. How long should I choose the board? To provide a balanced weight transfer on the board This will make it easier to move and steer. By comparison from the information below

Height: 140-150 cm.
Weight: 25-60 kg.
Choose a board size: 26-28 inches.

Height: 150-160 cm.
Weight: 25-60 kg.
Choose a board size: 28-30 inches.

Height: 160-170 cm.
Weight: 55-75 kg.
Board size should be chosen: 30-32 inches.

Height: 170-180 cm
Weight: 65-85 kg
Board size should be chosen: 32-34 inches

Height: 180-190 cm.
Weight: 75-95 kg.
Choose a board size: 34-36 inches.

Height: 190-200 cm.
Weight: 85-105 kg.
Board size should be chosen: 36-38 inches.

Height: 200-210 cm.
Weight: 95-115 kg.
Should choose a board size: 38-40 inches.

How to play Surf skate Basic for Beginners

People who are inexperienced in surfing and skating. Should learn how to play the basics. Practice plowing a board slowly. Practice standing up on the board. Try to control the left-right direction. To be able to move forward Should find a wide open space for practicing  It is best to have an expert. Or someone who has experience in surfing and skating to help teach the first time For how to surf skating for beginners The steps are as follows.

1. Start up and stand on the board with both feet. The front foot is in the front of the board. The hind feet are at the end of the board
. To get used to balancing on the board.
3. Practice hip centrifugal twisting. Try swinging your arms to reinforce the forward movement of the board.
4. Practice rocking with a wide zigzag. To resemble a zigzag.
5. Practice crouching and twisting to pump force. To be able to move faster for steering left – right.

How to clean Surf skate

Of course, playing Surf skate players must wear shoes. Then stepped on the board When playing for a while, many times, the board is covered with dirt and dust. So we have to keep the board clean. Most popular Surf skate cleaning method Is to use a rubber grip tape (Grip Tape), a small tool. It looks like an eraser. Can be used to scrub the shoe marks on the board clean. There are also dedicated board cleaning kits available in most skateboard shops. This will allow you to use soap and spray liquid to wipe and clean the board with ease.

Playing Surf skate  is an interesting exercise. Because it is training for balance and building strength for the body Although there are many ways to play and do not hesitate to know But the starting point is simple That allows many people to come in and try surfing skating Instead, there is only one principle: “Don’t be afraid to try new things.”