Rollerblading (Freedom on wheels)

Rollerblading, Rollerblade, also known as inline skating, is an extreme sport that dates back 300 years by 17th-century Dutch inventors. Global popularity and growing rapidly which is the reason for that popularity In addition to being a sport for competition There is also evidence that rollerblades can also help in exercise as well as aerobics that has it all. And sometimes rollerblades are also use for transportation instead of walking.

Although rollerblades are very useful and popular. On the other hand, rollerblades are also a cause of pain. For example, in 1996, more than 76,000 girls and adolescents under the age of 21 were reported injured during rollerblading, and a significant number of them had to be treated in emergency rooms. It’s 14% of skaters.

So if you want to try this wheeled shoe, You should learn how to prevent the dangers of rollerblading. There are only a few easy-to-understand methods as follows:

Always wear safety equipment

Wearing safety gear is the best way to prevent injuries. whether a helmet Anti-shock pads for organs such as knees, elbows and wrists. These tools will also help you gain more confidence in playing.

Follow the rules

When you get to play rollerblades on the field Many times accidents are caused by negligence. Because the players did not follow the rules, such as not following traffic lights or road signs. What happened was a clash of players. Therefore, running on the side of the road is a necessity. and should not play rollerblades on the sidewalk Because it will cause the use of uneven speed. including loss of balance when the pavement is uneven

Assess your own abilities

Assessing your abilities based on experience and practice will help you assess the situation. At what level of rollerblading can you take the risk of a stunt and not injure you in this sport? Many athletes have been hurt by the cheers from their peers who challenged them to try new moves. causing the unexpected Because of this, assessing one’s own abilities is important. Don’t take unnecessary risks just for having fun at once.

Although the most common primary cause of injury is a player’s loss of balance. Due to the condition of the playing area, there is a defect on the road. causing a stumble until the player is unable to control Most of the symptoms experienced by rollerblade players are often get injured And more than two-thirds of those injured have broken wrists. But once you understand this easy way to protect yourself and want to try this hundred years of popular sport. Start looking for a pair of rollerblades you like and start practicing from this minute.