“E-sports: a trend that turns kids addicted to games” into career

What is E-sports?

E-sports are electronic sporting events that have the same international rules as other sports, including today with teams. Or a club like normal sports including hiring and signing contracts with athletes.

To compete in the tournament to win various prizes in a way that many teenagers today People see it as a dream and ever want to succeed in esports career. Who still do not understand, can watch the clip on the echo channel.

The origins of E-sports and their correct definition

As we all know, e-sport is like a sport, or that many people tend to call it e-sport game, which is not very accurate if it really counts.

Then have to write it Abbreviated from Electronic Sports, which means electronic sports. Usually the sport we see every day are physical sports.

That is, use the body to play a full-fledged sport such as football, badminton, basketball or tennis, etc. These sports have been around for hundreds of years and have become popular today.

But as time goes by, technology will continue to evolve from playing games alone, it will not be much fun, so the competition will be held on who will be the best player or who in the industry. Will be called

Pro-Player, until the formation of many competitive leagues to prove your skill in popular games, gradually the bigger tournaments became more popular and eventually emerged.

The so-called esports, or esports, was born. Which is an extension of general online games causing more purpose than the one mentioned above.

The pros and cons of E-sports you should know

Children who play games are often viewed as aggressive and have poor memory, but believe that the positive aspects of E-sports are still quite obvious and, if controlled and by practicing well, E-sports is no different from being a professional athlete. 

The advantages of esports

Make money

If we refer to the website esportsearnings. This is one of the sites that collects information on a wide range of esports pro players, including prize money from a number of esports games.

Realistic goals

As we all know, most teenagers these days are becoming more interested in E-sports.One of the good things is that children will have more goals and be fully focused on achieving their goals. But depending on the time allocated.

Team work

Of course, just like most sporting events, athletes will not be playing alone but will need teammates to make it through their dreams and achieve victory.

Without a doubt, each person will have to be in different positions and do their best in order to achieve victory. Compete in esports that are not a standalone race

Build a reputation for yourself and your nation

Nowadays, eSports are getting more and more attention from the general public who are not just playing games anymore. In the major competition of esports that is an international competition league.