6 “Tips for Running Effectively”

Running is a type of exercise. Which has been very popular With a simple form can be done anywhere and anytime, there are no restrictions on sports equipment whatsoever. Many people have turned to pay more attention to their health in the latter period. Until a festival Various mini marathon events For the beginner who wants to get started Or someone who runs for a while and feels tired The reason may be from running incorrectly.In this article, the Mercular.com team will introduce 6 tips for effective running.

1. Always check / warm up before – after playing.

The first priority before every exercise. We must always check our own body. After that, warm up (Warm-up) before – after every exercise. This will help stimulate the musculoskeletal system, joints, tendons to be ready to work. Including the respiratory system and the circulation of blood as well Warming up reduces running injuries and greatly improves exercise performance. If you experience pain or pain while warming up, you should take a break and not try to force it as it will worsen Until it may be a chronic pain

* Tips: For proper warm-up, the body needs to have increased temperature, sweat and should be able to move in all areas: ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder etc. The time it takes to warm up is 10-15. min.

2. Practice regularly

Have ever had fatigue Pain in the joints Until it makes you don’t want to exercise Or stop for a while? These symptoms, known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), are common symptoms that can happen to anyone. Since the body is not used to exercise in the first place Which regularly resting and splitting the rehearsal time can help reduce the symptoms And most importantly, should not force the body too much Because it will cause injury

* Fun fact: After running the cold compress Or soaking your legs in cold water for 15-20 minutes will help reduce symptoms of DOMS a lot. And when there is pain, you should not massage your legs too hard. Because it will cause the muscular system And the pain lasts longer

3. Running alternately walking fast ( Interval)

Interval Training: Interval Training for sprints and resting with a brisk walk instead. Will help to run more efficiently Time and distance But should not stop walking Because it makes the body unable to adapt in time Must be quite installments and accelerate regularly For starters, you might start with a 5-minute walk with a 1-minute run alternately once your body gets used to it. Can shift the ratio to 50:50, such as walking 2 minutes alternating with running 2 minutes.

* Special technique: Polarized Training. The training is divided into 2 phases and High Intensity Low Intensity Running 80:20 by weight to 80% is spent on running the light and 20% is hard.

4. Knowing the correct cadence and running posture

The cadence here refers to the number of steps that can run in 1 minute. Typically, an athlete has around 150 – 170 steps per minute (average of 160 SPM). move According to the correct rhythm Which is related to running posture as well Some people can run below 160 SPM, and most of them will be too long. Or running down heels (Over-Stride) by the wrong position. And risk of injury in the long run Therefore, exercise should be exercised in the correct posture. And use a wizard like Smart watch to see your Cadence in no lower than 160 SPM and use Metronome mode to help you track more tempo. It can help to continuously improve efficiency.

* Fun fact: the optimal range of the leg circumference It depends on the individual. This is caused by many variables such as height, mobility of the hip muscles. And fitness level

5. Proper heart-rate zone control

Another technique that is very popular among athletes. That is to control the Heart-Rate Zone in the appropriate range for exercise. In which heart rate zones are indicative of tiredness And help set the running boundary as well It is generally divided into 5 zones as follows.

6. Set a goal to practice each day ( Coaching).

We have to keep practicing. And create a practice schedule each day Including setting goals to be higher To improve running efficiency effectively An essential aid for exercise It is inevitable that smart watches for health ( Sport Watch ) or exercise headphones with built-in Coaching and Schedule Training functions that will help design a daily training schedule. You can also measure various values ​​and evaluate results after the activity as well.

* Tip: Preparing to run a mini marathon (a distance of 10.5 kilometers), you need to plan that in 1 week you should exercise at least 3 days at least 20-30 minutes a day or get a distance of 4-5 kilometers. Run every day There may be a break every other day, etc.

How are you? For the 6 techniques that the ufabet team has presented above. This will help your run more efficiently. Both physically and mentally before each other. Another little trick that will push you even further is listening to stimulating music. It is said that the song. It can stimulate exercise as well. Therefore choosing to carry Exercise headphones Go for a run next time, it may help push you even more. In the end, who has any special techniques? Do not forget to share with each other.