6 Extreme Sport, extreme challenges

One of the most challenging activities like extreme sport. Despite the dangers that the players themselves knew were life-threatening. But it is something that many people want to try, play or try and be fascinated with it. So we have made a total of 6 extreme sports for everyone to know. For anyone who is having a trip or wants to find an activity to challenge yourself, this is an interesting option.

1. “Free Running (Parkour)”

Extreme Sport is more commonly known as Free Running or Parkour, both of which offer similar gameplay in terms of physical movement, but Free Running is a Running with Style running that emphasizes aesthetics of movement and offers more flips. 

They usually only play in one area. Parkour is the physical movement of the environment. To overcome obstacles in the path, focus on endurance, strength, fluid control. 

2. One of the Extreme Sport that is worth trying “Wakeboard”

It is a water extreme sport that combines water skiing and surfing. Use equipment such as Knee Board, Wake Board or Wake Skate. Choose according to your playing skill. With a sling that leads us to move along the water surface, has acrobatics, but must wear various protective equipment and play in accordance with the rules for safety.

3. “Sky Runner” high jump like a battle

It is Extreme Sport that is very popular among teenagers. By playing with high jump as fluently as the martial artists in the Chinese movie. By playing with accessories Madhop-Jumping Stilts that fit straight our legs. In order to jump and float up to 3 meters, they must be equipped with the same injury protection as other extreme sports.

4. “Kitesurfing” Extreme Sport water extreme

Water extreme sports use equipment such as kites and small surf boards. Extreme Sport players will also be required to wear a variety of accessories to protect their safety from challenging waves. Wind and sea, but overall it is a sport that does not pose any danger, can be played in shallow water areas. It is a sport that focuses on balancing and practicing wind direction by holding a kite.

5. Extreme Sport air thrilling “Heli-skiing”

Extreme heli-skiing adds to the thrill of the challenge by taking a helicopter. To reach the top of a hill or a steep hill When the desired point is reached, it will jump down and slide on high speed skis to reach the destination. Extreme Sport is popular in New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland and Japanese

6. Extreme Sport “Base Jumping” up skill jumping sport

This is a jump from a building, antenna, bridge, or cliff with this Extreme Sport parachute. This type of parachute has evolved over and over from jumping bare and twitching the parachute before landing into a wing suit that allows you to stay in the sky longer. It is dangerous at the top-hit level of extreme sports. But with the play that takes place somewhere high away from the ground, more people are interested and turn to play.