6 Cool water sports, that girls must try!

This summer is approaching, one of the activities that girls must not miss is the extreme water sports. Will exercise You can sweat very well. These water activities are also fun, not bore, play as a group. Most importantly, it is extremely fun. Play and play. Get a fit figure. Come in possession without knowing More importantly, it is also fun to dress up. Show off your tanned skin and beautiful abs. 

So this event will happen today, so FITCRAZE will take the girls to secretly look at the place where the water sports are gathered for girls Have come to release the fun to the fullest Let’s go and see!

Flow House Bangkok

If you are one of those who are fascinate by the charm of surfing. Has put on a beautiful bikini Holding a sore colored board Go surfing fun With the gang But to go to the sea every day, it would be too far. We recommend you to surf at Flow House Bangkok, a place that allows you to surf on a simulated surf machine that is just as fun as the actual surfing. If you’ve never surfed before, don’t worry. 

Because here, there will be teachers and experts who will give you intimate advice. Just prepare yourself. Prepare to fall You can also enjoy the beach club-style chill atmosphere, sip juice, eat delicious food at Surf Cafe, spend your vacation in Bangkok. Get a good value Happy with fun water sports Without having to travel far as well


Another cool new fitness trend, Aquabiking, which we’ve seen in New York City like this workout. But for our home, it is hot as well, where girls can exercise in the water by cycling together in the class. The advantage of Aquabiking is that the girls Can lose weight and get fit in a very good shape, it is also useful in terms of heart disease. 

High blood pressure Helps in matters of better blood circulation. More importantly, it also helps reduce injuries caused by exercise. Makes it suitable for girls With a lot of weight Seniors and pregnant women, as well as those with physical injuries and needs to recover, can join the Aquabiking class as well.

SUP Station

Let’s get to know another new sport in Thailand with SUP or Stand Up Paddle Boarding that will allow you to exercise in all parts of your body. Build flexibility Build muscle More importantly, it is also close to nature and can be applied to various styles of SUP, but women like it, whether it is a basic SUP, just with a paddle board, paddle can play Only in the beginning of the girls It requires teachers to teach first.

As at SUP Station, girls can try SUP and relax along the Chao Phraya River. Releasing the mood on the weekends very well. And the most special aspect of SUP sport that girls must really like is that. They can be applied to SUP Yoga as well. You will be able to practice yoga, but add additional skills and practice yoga on a paddle board in the middle of the Ho River.

Thai Wake Park

Get your adrenaline pumping at Thai Wake Park, one of the coolest places where you can play Wakeboard and Water Ski so you don’t have to worry if you are a beginner Wakeboarder because the teachers are very kind and the girls can come and learn.

Know basic playing techniques in a relaxing atmosphere by the water, you can enjoy it here for the whole family Because apart from the fun sports, there are also restaurants that are full of great menus. More importantly, it also tastes good. Or if anyone is playing fun until tire all day, at Thai Wake Park also has accommodation to welcome in a beautiful loft style as well.

 Lake Tako

If the ladies want to come to one place and play a lot of water sports, then here is Taco Lake or Taco Lake, the center of extreme water sports, whether it be Wakeboard, Cable Ski, Windsurf, or just chill out and go kayaking. Still can Where there are many accessories for young ladies Rent and can choose what to play today. And of course there are kind teachers waiting to welcome the girls unplayable. You can feel peace of mind, so be prepare and ready to get wet and ready to wear Activewear clothes! And most importantly, the view here is beautiful. If you come to relax with someone you know, it would be awesome. So, if you don’t know where to go this weekend, you can come to Bueng Tako and get a new experience together!

S’Wet Society

Although this class will not get wet But easy to travel because the class is in the center of the city At the Erawan Building, Wireless Road Suitable for office ladies who do not have time to drive out to play sports outside the city. In addition, I get the feeling that we are exercising in the water too, because here they provide the atmosphere of exercise with light and sound to make the girls feel like they are surfing or doing boating. They are divided into three broad categories: Surf Fit (exercise with surf board), Tone & Row (exercise using a rowing machine), and Yoga on board (surf board yoga class), each of which is fun to say. Any Any girls interested can contact and reserve a class!

If the girls have already decided that they want to try some fun water sports Wherever you go, do not forget Activewear or a nice swimsuit with you by playing water sports girls. Must choose a set that is a quick-drying cloth, not to retain water, tightening every body When you wear it, you will be ready to move forward in every situation that is important. Good Activewear also increases flexibility when women exercise. Try selecting Activewear and Swimwear from FITCRAZE, there are many brands that will meet the needs of women. Must go with water activities that are important, each brand is still beautiful. Eat each other until you can’t choose the right one! Let’s just enjoy shopping in FITCRAZE and prepare to get fit and enjoy. The water activities to the fullest ladies See you XOXO value.