5 “Weird Sports from around the world”

Many of you probably have played or know more or less of the popular international sport. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the readers to know the strange sport. That may have never been heard before In case you are interested and try to play together.

1. Chess Boxing

This sport is an adaptation of chess and boxing. Which is a combination of both sports Perform 11 chess rounds alternating between chess and boxing, 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing, 3 minutes each, starting and ending with chess. If someone wins either race, it will be over.

The inventor of the competition was Dutch performance artist ‘Iepe Rubingh’. But later grew into a sport It is popular in Germany, the United Kingdom, India and Russia.

2. Wife Carrying

While some couples still argue And the husband keeps complaining about his wife’s weight. But not in this sport The sport takes place at Sonkajarvi in ​​Finland. In which those who can enter the race must be married only This sport will compete in pairs. Race by the husband’s side to carry his wife through various obstacles. The team that reaches the finish line fastest will be the winner.

At the annual North American Women-Ending Championship, the winner is awarded a beer based on his wife’s body weight. And the prize money is five times the wife’s body weight! And will have the right to go to the world championship in Finland.

3. Extreme Ironing

This can be both a sport and a show. You can call it an extreme sport that takes it a step further. They call themselves “Ironists” (ironists) where they go to iron clothes or other risky activities. Be it on the mountain that takes a lot of effort to climb, deep forest, snow skiing, jet ski, underwater, cycling, glacier, car roof, or even while parachuting.

This extreme ironing started in 1980 when Tony Hiam was inspired by his camping trip in the woods. Then he saw his brother ironing in the tent. Tony then begins to express the futility of ironing unchecked clothes in bizarre situations like mountain vantage points, crowded airport lounges, on phone booths, clothes donation booths. He did this for years until the attention and peculiar people started to pursue.

4. Egg Throwing

The details of each match may differ. But the basic rules of play are to play together. In which one would take turns throwing an egg and having another person take Take turns throwing and taking it back and forth until it breaks. The tournament is over when the last unbroken egg is left.

5. Canine Freestyle Dog

This sport requires obedient dog training. There is a creative competition using dance techniques and performances between the dog and its owner. This sport has evolved into a competitive format in many countries around the world.