How does the "elderly exercise appropriate"

How does the “elderly exercise appropriate”

How does the elderly exercise appropriate. Old age is the age in which various systems in the body have deteriorated. Because the body has changed a lot It also found that some of them had emotional and psychological problems. Cause various diseases that can be prevented by exercise. Which

"5 Kinds of drinking water in the morning"

“5 Kinds of drinking water in the morning”

Wake up in the morning. Who has never been rejuvenated Feeling tired and tired. This is because you don’t have breakfast. Which some people do not like to eat breakfast is not uncommon at all. Because the morning is a time of the rush. This problem is solved by selecting drinking water is

6 Cool water sports, that girls must try!

6 Cool water sports, that girls must try!

This summer is approaching, one of the activities that girls must not miss is the extreme water sports. Will exercise You can sweat very well. These water activities are also fun, not bore, play as a group. Most importantly, it is extremely fun. Play and play. Get a fit figure. Come

10 chair exercises Change existing items

10 chair exercises Change existing items

Chair exercises with just one chair, you can perform simple exercises at home, helping to reduce belly fat, lower thighs, tighten your arms, no need for expensive equipment, a chair can do instead!  Thinking to exercise, but lazy to go to the gym We can exercise at home

"Good health" can be created with 5 ways to follow

“Good health” can be created with 5 ways to follow

Good health, everyone wants to have a lifestyle, but today there are many incentives, such as food. Social media addiction Rarely have time to exercise All of these things are the root cause of our health deterioration. So I have an easy way to create good health that I

6 "Tips for Running Effectively"

6 “Tips for Running Effectively”

Running is a type of exercise. Which has been very popular With a simple form can be done anywhere and anytime, there are no restrictions on sports equipment whatsoever. Many people have turned to pay more attention to their health in the latter period. Until a festival Various mini marathon events For

5 "Exercises To Build Your Muscle At Home"

5 “Exercises To Build Your Muscle At Home”

Bodyweight exercises are exercises that use body weight instead of equipment. It is just building the muscles to be firm but beautiful enough. More importantly, this exercise is Recharge Energy quite well. Exercise is so important that you make time for it. Especially men Building muscle in different areas Besides

5 ways to take care of your "mental health to relax"

5 ways to take care of your “mental health to relax”

According to the survey of the Department of Mental Health, 11.5% of people in Bangkok aged 18 years and over had 500,000 people with mental health problems and psychiatric illnesses. Coming from a dense environment knot Causing air pollution. It also affects daily life and travel and causes accumulated stress. This is how to keep your

5 "Weird Sports from around the world"

5 “Weird Sports from around the world”

Many of you probably have played or know more or less of the popular international sport. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the readers to know the strange sport. That may have never been heard before In case you are interested and try to

"Blood Type Diet", Techniques for eating food, losing weight

“Blood Type Diet”, Techniques for eating food, losing weight

Many people may not know that my blood type different systems within the body, it varies according to blood type, which is to lose weight or eat it or it should be a good balance with my blood. Because it will help losing weight more effectively It also helps your body to become