“Tips to Eat for Athlete”

Tips to Eat for Athlete, in world-class sporting events we can see that the country’s athlete In the west or in Japan, they tend to be strong and agile. Play well and win. As for developing countries, though, they play better sequentially. Crack still can’t play well. Can play with tolerance and play quickly like athlete in developed nations.

The difference in this ability Part of it is about health. And athlete ‘s diet Getting good food Will make the body healthy and complete The word good food is food that is eaten and brings benefits to the body. Prices don’t have to be expensive, because expensive stuff isn’t necessarily good.

Food before the race

Some people still have a misunderstanding of thinking about what day to play sports and eating well on that day. Which is an incorrect understanding Because we play sports today, but we use the food we ate 3-4 days ago, so we must always eat right.

Normally, people have to eat all 5 food groups, the number of eating is determined by body weight. If we play sports Weight should be constant Should not be much increased or decreased from normal.

During the race The food that needs special attention is vitamin B1, because the body requires a lot of it. When we exercise a lot The body uses a lot of energy. The body has to help with vitamin B1. If we can’t get enough It causes problems for the body. Vitamin B1 is in rice, rice, straw, some people call it healthy rice, beans and sesame, pork, liver, eggs are there, so if we eat these foods, we will get enough vitamin B1. We therefore need to pay special attention to this matter. The important mineral is iron, especially women, who often lose their iron on a regular basis. Causing anemia.

Body if absent Iron causes poor body function. Performance Of muscles are not good, so they must be given enough. Iron-rich foods are nuts, green leafy vegetables, meats, eggs, and pig’s blood, chicken blood, and eating these foods will get enough iron.

Play tired eat water will make a stopper?

During sports What the body really needs is water because during the play sweat a lot therefore wastes a little water and mineral salts. The body must be replaced if the water is not getting enough water. The body will be thirsty for a while and the thirst may disappear. But not because the body is already compensated for water . Therefore still Must allow the body to receive water In sufficient quantities to stay.

It is roughly estimated that during sports You should drink between 6-8 glasses of water of medium size. One pound (almost half a kilogram) of weight lost, requires two large glasses of water to be sufficient for the weight loss from dehydration.

Race day food

There are 4 main things that tourists should eat before the actual competition.

  1. Before the time the athletes compete. Do not feel hungry, eat 4-5 hours before playing.
  2. Athletes who have a feeling that Before the competition, you must eat here, eat this because it will make your strength better. Should have to indulge. Do not force. Because it’s psychological
  3. Foods that should be served 4-5 hours prior to the race should not be high in fat and protein. Should be foods such as flour and sugar that the body can take. Go to use immediately If a patient eats a lot of protein and fat, the body will store it. Make the stomach uncomfortable. Foods that contain minerals do not give a lot to eat. Because it will make the body thirsty Important: The food you eat should not contain much residue, vegetables, foods that have a lot of pulp can cause defecation.
  4. Race with confidence in your abilities and your physical health. Don’t rely on drugs, drugs, because they are more harmful than good. Both for health and sports