Lose weight, pay attention to sleep The less you sleep.

Men who like to stay up late should read. Insufficient sleep, lack of sleep, resulting in fat gain. Difficulty losing weight Want to lose weight, should sleep 7 hours a day.

Lots of guys trying to lose weight may focus on exercise and diet. But forget another factor that affects weight loss as well, which is sleep, which many people may not realize or do not know how sleep can be related to obesity and weight loss. Today we will find the answer together.

Does a little sleep really make you fat?

Currently, there are many research results that can confirm that Not getting enough sleep actually makes weight loss harder, and it certainly contributes to even more obesity. The research used a comparison between a group of volunteers who slept 7-9 hours a day with another group who slept less than 7 hours for a month. 

Which found that the first group was able to lose weight more efficiently than the latter In addition, it was found that compensating for the rest of the week to compensate for the rest of the sleep that is less likely to lose weight as well as those who get enough sleep every UFABET day.

Why is sleep deprivation difficult and then losing weight?

          For the reason why getting less sleep can make it harder to get fat and lose weight. This is because the body that does not rest enough can make the metabolism work worse. The hormones in the body become abnormal. 

 In addition, staying up late can also make you feel hungry. Like to find something to eat in the middle of the night In addition, the lack of sleep can make you less conscious about eating choices. Tend to choose to eat more as you want, too