5 ways to take care of your “mental health to relax”

According to the survey of the Department of Mental Health, 11.5% of people in Bangkok aged 18 years and over had 500,000 people with mental health problems and psychiatric illnesses. Coming from a dense environment knot Causing air pollution. It also affects daily life and travel and causes accumulated stress. This is how to keep your mental health healthy Feeling relaxed and stressful, let’s leave everyone. Is there any way to go and see?

1. Exercise to build your own immune system

Exercising regularly It is considered to build good immunity for yourself. In addition to making our body healthy It also affects your mental health as well. Movement of the body will cause various systems The body works at full capacity. And exercise can also help us sleep comfortably and help us feel rejuvenated.

2. Listen to music to relax your brain

For the music I listen to the music we love and feel to it. Or that song makes us feel better It is a way that can help us recover from stress. Not thinking too much is good one way. Because music is another art of entertainment that can make us feel more comfortable. Affect the mental state Help comfort us to a certain extent Kind of called having a song to be a friend It also helps us to remember better. If we are in the mood to listen to music and sing along with Will allow us to concentrate on the following lines Go where we will sing, so listening to music is considered to reduce stress from various matters. As well as ever

3. Encourage yourself

No one can love me as much as we do. Therefore creating and encouraging oneself It is important that everyone should have. No matter how many obstacles you encountered Always think that there is still tomorrow in our life. However, in this world there are many others with whom we may face the same problems or are more serious than we are. Therefore, in order to make our minds not depressed Is to love yourself a lot And know to encourage yourself Tell yourself to fight We’ll be able to get through it. Just this matter However, every problem has a solution.

4. Release some emotions

Sometimes collecting each subject we come across together. It may exhaust the limited patience Therefore, the best solution is the first one. And don’t think the small thing If we find things that we ourselves think are the worst that we have ever seen To release and drain some Find a friend or someone in the family to counsel you. And say something awkward In order to reduce the stress of yourself To release your emotions by crying It does not imply that you are a loser. But it will help you become stronger. And it will improve your mental health as well.

5.  Take vacation

If you have free time or on vacation, it is best to get out and experience something new. This way you give yourself time to relieve the stress of work. Or from the bad things that have been seen all week It was once said that heartbroken had to go to the beach, to go to the beach with friends, to enjoy the most If you want to be romantic, you have to take your girlfriend to the beach. Therefore, if there is free time, you should take yourself to appreciate nature. The widest seas, mountains, waterfalls, or take your time to meditate as well. It will help us to have a calmer and stronger mental health.