5 exercises to restore “lungs” to take care of the body

Exercises to restore the lungs. During the outbreak of cattle Covid-19 so many people are concern. That they are infected or not. or infected patients. They may be worried that their symptoms are at what level. Will infect people around me or not? Until the stress and affect the symptoms of illness. Including patients who have been treat in the hospital Stress may arise from concern for family members. Is concerned, the responsibility to take care of a healthy body and a healthy mind of its own. It is therefore important to observe physical and mental symptoms. Because good mental health will affect good physical health as well. 

5 exercises to restore the lungs

Exercises pose

sit with the body straight. Bring your hand to the side ribs. The fingertips slide to touch the abdomen. Take a deep breath with your nose. You will feel the expansion of your ribs and abdomen. exhale slowly through the nose Feel your belly slowly collapse. Don’t rush. Try to take a deep breath. To be the same length as the exhale regularly. Keep your breath and rhythm steady for at least 10-15 reps.

Arm stretching

sitting with the body straight, joining all 10 fingers together. Bring it to the front Take a deep breath to bring in oxygen to the fullest. So began to turn over and raise his hands above his head. Exhale to tighten your stomach slowly. Expel all air from the stomach Lower your arms and relax your shoulders to the sides.

The snake pose

begins gradually. Lie face down on the floor. Legs stretched straight behind the back. Place your hands in the same area as your shoulders or waist. As you inhale, use your hands to push the floor up while lifting your head, chest, and abdomen. Exhale, slowly bend your elbows. Place your belly, chest, and head on the floor. When you’re done, before you get up, bring your arms together in front of you, lowering your head down. Then get up slowly  

Sitting position and twisting the body 

Sit with the body straight, keeping both hips and buttocks on the floor. Right knee bent up. The left leg is at the bottom of the knee bent. And bring the right foot to the left leg. Try to press both hips down to touch the floor and sit and stretch your body. Bring your right hand to the back. The left arm and elbow can be use to scrub the knee of the right. Or you can bring your hand to touch the other knee or ankle, then slowly straighten up,
bending your stomach and twisting your body. Look behind you, twist your waist, chest, slowly open and turn your head back. Turn your right shoulder back and turn your head along. Stay in this position for about 5 breaths. You will feel your abdomen being massage. Then slowly turn your body back. switch sides again.

Fish pose

Lie on your back on the floor, stretch your legs straight. Use 2 arms under the body, both right and left. Press your hands and elbows firmly to the floor. Inhale. Lift your chest and slowly lift up. Raise your chin slightly, exhale. Lift your chin up, and place your head in the center of the crown on the floor. Press your elbows and try to extend your abdomen and chest toward the top. Raise your chin as much as you can. Contract your lower abdomen, straighten both legs and point your feet in this position for 5-10 breaths.
When you’re done, slowly lift your head up. Lowering your head and back to the floor, bringing both arms out. Let’s rest in the supine position for a moment. Then get up slowly From the side, bend the knees, push the body up and sit up. If you feel pain in your neck or back pain. Bring a thick towel or cushions under the head or back to prevent injury 

In addition to practicing these 5 lung rehabilitation exercises The most important thing is You must always check your symptoms. Take care and observe yourself in those who are not infected, cough or have a fever or not. And check the risk of infection. Whether you go to a high-risk area or are near a person at risk or not. And check mental health to see if there are symptoms of anxiety, feeling stressed, mentally retarded or not