5 Behaviors to risk getting “kidney stones”

Behaviors to risk getting kidney stones. Did you know that some behaviors that we do on a daily basis. Can affect the disease of kidney stones. Usually, gallstones can arise from a variety of factors. Whether it is in the environment, genetics, lifestyle, diet, including the metabolism system within the body. But today we would like to share the risky behaviors of kidney stones to share with the girls. What will be there?

What are kidney stones?

It is diseases caused by the precipitation of various substances. In the urine Until those substances become crystals When accumulating for a long time It will eventually cause a stone. Which will rely on many stimulating factors Whether it is narrowing of the urinary tract Or even having that kind of substance Filtration in the urine too much, such as oxalate, a substance that has the effect of inhibiting the absorption of various types of calcium and minerals. And recurrent urinary tract infections Including various factors or behaviors At the risk of causing kidney stones as follows

1. Drink less

water. Drinking water in small quantities. Makes urinating less And results in the precursor to the formation of stones easily accumulated in the urinary tract. Especially during the body’s loss of sweat Should drink enough water to meet the needs of the body. 

2. Drink tea every day

Daily tea intake, whether it is iced black tea, milk tea, lemon tea, or hot tea, can also increase your risk of developing kidney stones. Especially drinking black tea is more risky. This is because black tea is a very high content of oxalate beverage. When this substance is combined with calcium, it becomes a crystalline stone. Therefore, it is recommended to drink different types of tea once in a while and focus on drinking water is the best.

3. Eat spicy food

Spicy foods, especially salty ones, such as salted fish, fermented fish or pickled bamboo shoots It is a food that causes the kidneys to work very hard. And can also be a catalyst for kidney stones.

4.Eat red meat and offal

Eating red meat and offal Including drinking beer too often. Will result in kidney stones It also risks uric stones. Caused by eating foods that are high in purine Resulting in the body to accumulate uric acid More importantly, uric acid can also cause gout. Therefore recommend to girls Avoid eating these foods. 

5. Do not eat calcium.

Although most of the stones are calcium. But eating calcium is not a cause of kidney stones. In contrast, if the body is not getting enough calcium. It will accelerate the intestines to absorb calcium back into it. As a result, It can be followed. Therefore, the body should receive adequate amounts of calcium each day.

It can be seen that various behaviors As we mentioned above, which contribute to an increased risk of developing kidney stones. Are behaviors that many people do on a regular basis And will probably still do it With this in mind, it is hoped that more women will turn their attention to kidney stones. Starting with adjusting the eating habits to be correct first