5 basic “yoga” poses for beginners

When I get older exercise is beginning to make it difficult for people who are healthier, sometimes our bodies may not respond to high-strength exercise. Like when young but that does not mean that we cannot exercise at all. There is also another form of exercise that sees as being popular, so it is called yoga.

At the beginning, no one believed that the slow movement of yoga poses would become another science of health. Yoga itself has long been a popular method of promoting meditation. It is another option for exercise that any generation can do it. Get good performance Until the posture of yoga has been put into the category of exercise in many fitness.

Yoga is a science that uses a coordination between the body and the mind. Often it is an exercise that focuses on catching your breath and moving your body in various postures. When the body moves The mind will feel the change. The goal is to bring balance to the body and mind.

For anyone who’s already wanting to do yoga. But I don’t know where to start Today we bring you 10 basic yoga poses to leave each other. It’s easy to play at the fitness center or at home, and then change your set of equipment and start to go together

Stand with your arms close together. Put weight on the left leg Then put your right foot on your inner thigh. Hip facing out Once your body is in balance, place your palms together, inhale some air, and extend your arms over your shoulders. Then separate your palms and face each side. Hold for about 30 minutes, then lower your hand and repeat the other side.

1. Tree Pose Yoga

2. Mountain Pose

Stand straight with your feet close together. Let your shoulders go at ease. Try to stand with the weight on the feet evenly on both sides. Take a deep breath. Raising arms above the head, arms straightened, palms joined Extend your fingers all the way up.

3. Trigonal Pose

Extend your arms parallel to the ground on both sides. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Right foot 90 degrees to the side, left foot 45 degrees outward, then extend your right arm down to touch the ground. Do this for 5 breaths in and out. Finished, then straighten and repeat on the other side

4. Seated Pose

Stretch your hips and back up straight, sit down on the floor, then cross your right foot outward, your left thigh, bend your left knee, and point your right knee toward the ceiling. Place your left elbow outside your right knee and your right arm on the floor behind you. Try to twist to the right as much as you can. Flex the buttocks to stick to the floor. Do this for one minute and then switch to the other side. This yoga pose helps with circulation. Helps keep the muscles and abs healthy.

5. Cobra Yoga

begins with the face down on the ground. Some palms down to the same distance as both shoulders. Then raise your head and lift your chest. Push both legs up with the front of the feet. Press your hips down and push your shoulders down. Then release and repeat again.

Getting ready before yoga

Exercising with yoga poses is considered stretching. Or manage various parts Of the body that requires breath and concentration to have the components to achieve the most balance. Look carefully, it is almost no different from the exercise we normally do. If we are not prepared before we start playing, it can cause injury. Even though it’s small, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Let’s take a look together. If you want to exercise with yoga poses, how do you prepare?

  1. Before starting yoga You should calculate carefully if you have eaten food for 1 to 2 hours or not. But with this amount of time, it’s not always possible. That depends on whether the food you eat is heavy or light food. Food can be compared to a poison that can cause harm after it starts playing.
  2. The morning is the best time to exercise with yoga poses, or if the morning is not comfortable. It might be afternoon Almost until the evening at all
  3. Great place for yoga, a must have wind Not too hot
  4. Exercising in yoga poses requires a lot of stretching, so the outfit while playing is important. Focus on movement of the body parts Easily
  5. Area while playing If the floor is not carpeted Must have a fairly thick layer instead May be used as a blanket The mat supports the body during every play to prevent injury, pain in the back, knees, or in some people who need a mat
  6. Doing yoga requires a lot of breathing and concentration while playing. Therefore, it is recommended to perform various postures. With a slow, soft chat
  7. While completing various yoga poses, it is recommended to take a rest. Before starting to perform the next position
  8. While playing, breathe as naturally as possible. Do not contract the muscles in the neck area, do not make the nose flattened and must not be loud
  9. For any young woman with age number 4 and up, I would like to emphasize that I should not overdo it. Should be treated with calmness Gradually

When we move our body slowly Muscles contract as normal exercise. Helps strengthen the muscles Stimulate the production of new muscle cells Ideal for women. People who want to exercise but have physical limitations, most of the elderly who are unable to exercise vigorously, people with bone or joint problems, as well as people with chronic diseases, are turning to yoga exercises. A choice that works just as well as other forms of exercise. Whisper a little, young women or middle-aged people can turn to yoga exercises.