What kind of people do you like to play “fitness”?

Many people know that fitness exercise is like a magic pill. Because you will strengthen the matter of good health and strength. It is also beneficial to the players’ minds. Which if you practice playing any sport regularly. The sport you play will benefit you. It will help you train your skills and abilities in various fields both directly and indirectly.

We would like to share with you what playing “fitness” will help you to practice your skills. These skills you may have, but you are not aware of them. This analysis results are from TOP research in collaboration with Mahidol University. From the research on “In what areas of sports and hobbies train the talent of our staff?” More than 20,000 people participated in the survey. Let’s see what kind of fitness enthusiast are and what skills are they?

1. Discipline 

It means planning fitness exercise that is organized, rules, and criteria are consistent. When we plan to set a goal that we will fitness exercise every day for 30 minutes in the morning, what we need to do consistently and discipline is. that will arise during the day we go to exercise. The greatest obstacle is “laziness and excuse” because when the moment comes, we will have some reason to not want to go with a material that will prevent us from going. When you can’t go one day The rest of the day is gone. Discipline was not left to return to the same point.

2. Patience

Exercise is very intense. Because we are tired, but what we endure tiredness is for a beautiful body, so we are patient to play fitness, so it is a practice for us to know the endurance of the body that is tired, we can still endure so that we have to work. Share with others or do something that is difficult We have to be patient. Because after all that we endure, always keep in mind that there will always be good things to follow, fitness requires commitment. And real intentions to play In order to have the best results of playing out. As we expect or intend to say What are you doing fitness for? And how long does it take to play it? How much patience is there to play? Because fitness exercises need to start with the basics first, allowing us to train patience as well.

3. A person who looks good and charming “fitness”

Exercise It makes us feel that we have a lot of self-confidence. Feel that our body looks good is interesting Giving us a very good personality Exercise makes us look good, especially fitness can help us keep us in good shape when We are in good shape, strong. It will be able to enhance us to look attractive and when we look good, it should be a fundamental part of building self-confidence. And when people are confident in themselves, and when doing things to their full potential

4. Active “fitness”

exercise stimulates the body to be alert due to the organ They move, muscles become flexible and blood vessels pump blood. And oxygen throughout the body, thus making the body And our minds are rejuvenated, even if we regularly play a fitness that supports every part of the exercise. Our body and mind are always active. The brain is clear and refreshed, ready to perform various tasks. Playing fitness helps with the enthusiasm for routine and not neglect in exercise and exercise. Give yourself time to take care of your skin. And as a result the body will not feel sluggish He is very active in various activities.

5. Good human relations “fitness”

Sport is a good medium for us to network with others. In addition to meeting people who are different. From what I have met each day We may even make new friends From playing sports There were many exchanges. They help each other, in addition to allowing us to develop and view the world from a wider perspective. Fitness is another society where people who love and care for their health come together to take care of themselves. Make it easy to say hello or to talk to Because at least we talk about the same story Another thing is to gradually Gives us the courage to speak to more people. Easy to lift Like playing magic regularly Perhaps we use a lot of weight. Have to find friends to help each other be careful for safety, allowing us to get to know other people Within the fitness easily This habit will also lead to the ability to communicate with the outside society.


6. Never give up

Exercise goals and work hard to accomplish your goals without giving up, even if you get tired or exhausted. For example, setting a time to run Cantang, achieving what he intended without stopping in the middle, etc.

7. Work towards completing goals

The goal of each individual in fitness, such as playing to build muscle, play to lose weight. Or play to be healthy, when there is a goal, it will be inspired to play. To achieve the goals that are set when people who play the gym, play hard and have regular goals. It creates self-discipline in order to accomplish any task that has been set goals. Fitness is the goal of playing. Get a healthy body, beautiful shape When we have goals, we can accomplish things easily and in accordance with our purpose. If we do something without goals It’s hard to see the success of that. Because we still don’t know what to do it for Playing fitness is therefore training us to be the ones who can achieve their goals. Because exercising is a goal to get in good shape. Is to teach us to do something with a goal

8. Has a high self-development

Able to develop themselves by playing more exercise machines More kinds And keep evolving so that Play for a long time and play the right way for the benefit of the body and will affect the work that will be able to develop oneself, learn more new things.

9. Good at managing time

Usually, when after school or after work, many people feel tired and do not want to continue. Until not thinking of Do nothing but eat and relax. Therefore, people with good time management will be able to set aside time for exercise, in most exercise we have to set goals. Then we often have to define the time that must be accomplished, as well as the timing for exercise. Because in life is not only exercising only We also have other responsibilities, so we must know how to manage time proportionately. And get it as directed

10. Likes to socialize

We often exercise at the gym. This allows us to meet people who like to do activities as well. We can talk to people we never know and also build intimacy, making us want to socialize. And do not block yourself In fitness, we have to meet a lot of people in fitness. When you know how to socialize, you can adapt to live in society, and will develop in the following things. Including being able to make good hospitable

+ Diligent in fitness requires diligence to be successful in exercising. Comparable to the way of life Nowadays, diligent people will find many things. Both good and bad It makes it possible to overcome obstacles if diligent, work, fitness to get what we want, such as weight loss, etc. requires a lot of patience because it does not. Can occur within one day We have to work hard to go to the gym regularly.

+ Be punctual It is difficult to exercise sometimes. Because of the daily work activities It is not conducive to exercise such as quitting work, late night traffic, traffic jam, but if we go to exercise at the gym Must cut off on every matter that will enter And make sure the deadline and be on time every time to go to the gym. Playing fitness You must be punctual if you play in the gym without being punctual, such as playing the machine for too long.

+ Likes challenges In fitness It’s challenging whether we can play. If you can continue to play, we develop our level to the next level. Next step, will we do it like everyone else? We just have to try and get other people to do it. It continues to challenge our abilities. Anything we can’t do, we have to try and do it, it challenges our abilities.  To create new challenges will not be monotonous and boring. With work, if it is doing the same work for a period of time, it will become bored Lack of enthusiasm The resulting work will eventually lack creativity.