How does the “elderly exercise appropriate”

How does the elderly exercise appropriate. Old age is the age in which various systems in the body have deteriorated. Because the body has changed a lot It also found that some of them had emotional and psychological problems. Cause various diseases that can be prevented by exercise. Which must be done appropriately To prevent accidents or other health-related problems Before exercising, you may need to consult your doctor first. In case the elderly have an underlying disease

Exercise in the elderly can be divided into four forms:

  1. Increase blood circulation Increased cardiovascular (aerobic) function
  2. Increase the work of the muscles Various joints are exercises for strengthening resistance.
  3. Stretches various joints to prevent joint symptoms.
  4. Balance training

Exercise for the elderly Help slow down the deterioration of the various systems and also help increase the strength and durability of the muscles. Control the work of the various systems to be balanced. Sometimes it also helps the elderly to socialize. If exercising outside the home Therefore, it is directly beneficial to the mental state There are many benefits of exercise. Summarized as follows.

Benefits of exercise Physical activity in the elderly

  1. Help slow down aging
  2. Help the circulatory system work well.
  3. Muscles are stronger and more resistant to work.
  4. Better elasticity of muscles and joints
  5. The work of the organs is better coordinate.
  6. Help with balance
  7. Increase immunity
  8. Helps to improve the digestive system
  9. Helps reduce body weight
  10. Reduce stress
  11. Make a good night’s sleep

For exercising in the elderly There are more precautions than other ages. Because it is an age where the muscles are weaker than other ages Balance may not be as good as other ages. And most importantly, most of the elderly have congenital disease. Which is directly related to Ufabet exercise.

Appropriate exercise for the elderly

Before exercising, the elderly should examine their physical condition first. If there is an underlying disease Should see a doctor who owns fever to discuss appropriate exercise. Because some diseases may relapse when exercising, such as blood pressure disease. That may be increase when exercising. Therefore, the pressure must be regulated to be at a normal level first. Therefore it is appropriate for exercise In addition, the elderly should exercise with simple postures to prevent harm. Appropriate exercise for the elderly Summarized as follows.

  1. Should have a health check before exercise.
  2. Avoid exercise that is tense or pushing. In some cases, it can increase the pressure. Especially the posture that makes you have to hold your breath
  3. Avoiding competitive exercise as it can be dangerous.

Demonstrate exercises that are suitable for the elderly Which can be managed by yourself

1. Finger exercises

  • Raise your hands to chest level.
  • Clench your fingers and open them. By trying to fully open out To exercise the fingers
  • Hold and hold alternately until you feel the pain.

Notes can be made at home. Or do it while watching television If you raise your arm, place your hand on the same area as your shoulder. Will help exercise your arms and shoulders as well. Because of tense arms and shoulders.

2. Posture to Prevent Shoulder Stuck

  • Raise one arm With the arms attached to the ears (If unable to lift the ear It’s a sign that your shoulders are starting to stick. Use the other hand to push)
  • Stretch out to your fullest
  • When you feel the pain, loosen it up and stretch it again.
  • Do the same with the other arm.

3. Wrist exercises

  • Raised arms
  • Fist and spin
  • Spin forwards and backwards