“Fitness players to reduce belly”

Fitness players to reduce belly There will be many types. The most popular are the sit-ups. And the management system plank or exercise wheel that relies on resistance from body weight, including the torso lift the torso. 

The six pack care fitness machines are ideal sit-ups for people who have never done sit-ups before. These machines have a spring on the back to help lift the torso during sit-ups. Therefore causing the abdominal muscles to not exert much exercise To see results for lowering the abdomen more slowly

Which players in the fitness center can help burn belly?


Fitness treadmill It is a basic exercise machine that people tend to think of as the first machine in fitness, just walk or run according to the preset program. To enhance the strength of the heart and blood vessels Plus helps burn fat perfectly. Which we can add some identities to, such as age, weight, before starting to run, we should adjust slowly first and then gradually adjust faster and faster. It also helps reduce the symptoms of muscle weakness after exercise as well.

2. Upright Bike

Exercise is beneficial to the body. It can be seen that many of you are interested in finding free time and equipment. To exercise Let’s see how to bike for weight loss. It is a fat reduction in all parts of the body that is obviously Abdominal area Thighs with a lot of fat Steps for using a bicycle to ride a spinning bike Stretching the muscles normally Warm up with 5 minutes of gentle spinning, then increase it gradually, but not more than 15 minutes.Cooldown by easing down and then slowly cycling for another 5 minutes.If you want to lose weight, play at least three times a week. And don’t forget to think about your health and should be eating and getting enough rest.

3. Muscle Building Equipment (Strength)

For this type of exercise machine The functionality is quite complex. Can play many positions For exercise And build muscle parts, but if anyone has tried and understood how to play, they will know that it is easy These types of exercise machines help build muscles and make them look good. Tighten the muscles, reduce belly, reduce fat, reduce joint pain, make the body healthy. For the use of exercise machines for each type of fitness is to ensure safety. If you do not understand how to use You can always consult with a trainer.

4. Elliptical

The exercise machine that is featured in the issue of toning the whole body. And is a non-shock exercise device Suitable for all ages Exercising your body with the Ellipse player is beneficial and correct. The first thing you should do is to warm up your body to stretch your muscles for about 5 – 10 minutes by walking on an elliptical treadmill for safety for beginners. Use both hands to hold the bar, put both feet and start walking. Which exercises the body with an elliptical track It is gaining popularity among women because it is able to exercise lightly, it does not need to be too hard. At least 30 minutes a day is enough and can clearly see results when exercising on a regular basis.

5. Sit-up bench

Sit-up bench / Sit-up bed is another type of exercise machine that is easy to play. The benefit of this exercise machine is to strengthen the muscles in the upper back. And the lower part is excellent It helps to work out the abdominal and back muscles, if this happens continuously, it helps to burn fat on the abdomen, plus anyone with a six pack will make them look beautiful.

How to play sit-ups With arms crossed on your chest, or Combine hands behind the head, this position will be able to lift yourself up to the middle Contracting the abdominal muscles And stretch your stomach to have benefits for exercising your body, do not forget to consider eating together with it

How are you doing? Exercise with fitness machines to reduce belly. In addition to improving quality of life, physical exercise helps reduce stress. And will burn less chemicals inside our bodies. After exercising, we should eat enough food and rest to stay healthy. And more importantly, not just exercise alone Another thing you need to do is control your weight.