5 exercises to lose weight after a party burned out

    Long holiday like this. Anyone who is Cheat day, eat hard, party full. You have to burn off with these 5 lose weight exercises ! Because I believe that after a party like this, many people will be stressed about what they have done. I have practiced discipline throughout the year. The plan will fail because of this long vacation! So after a party like this must be burned out. Reduce the accumulated fat. Definitely not coming back to be fat again!

brisk walking, lose weight

     The easiest exercise No exercise equipment is required. But it can help burn a lot, that is, walking briskly. This brisk walking helps to improve cardiovascular health, promote sleep. It also helps burn fat as well. So when the party is heavy I don’t want fat to accumulate until I gain weight. You have to burn off by walking briskly.

cardio, lose weight

     Exercises that help burn fat quickly and well. It is inevitable that cardio exercises. can be called a good option For when the party is heavy, eat a lot and want to burn off quickly. Because this cardio exercise focuses on moving your body faster. The heart rate faster accordingly. And the body will need more oxygen. Including more sugar as well. Therefore, the sugar that is in the muscles is used. and reduce the conversion of sugar to fat making it possible to reduce the accumulated fat

weight training

     Another recommended exercise for heavy days is weight training. It is an exercise that focuses on tightening the body. not to sag Ready to make your muscles stronger and firmer. So who doesn’t want to get fat after eating a lot? You have to exercise with weight training. We can use our own weight as resistance. Or you can use weighted equipment such as dumbbells as resistance as well.


     HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a cardio workout that combines intense exercise. With light exercises alternately, which exercises like this will allow you to burn fat very well and very quickly. So who eats a lot during the holidays? If you want to burn a lot, get slim quickly, you need to use HIIT to help.


     If you want to burn a lot and have fun, dancers must try Zumba dance. In which this Zumba dance uses exciting music rhythms and alternates with slow and fast rhythms. Therefore, it can burn more calories than regular aerobics, and it can also burn better than cardio exercises. Importantly, Zumba also helps to make muscles strong and flexible as well.