10 chair exercises Change existing items

Chair exercises with just one chair, you can perform simple exercises at home, helping to reduce belly fat, lower thighs, tighten your arms, no need for expensive equipment, a chair can do instead!

 Thinking to exercise, but lazy to go to the gym We can exercise at home with the equipment near the sample is very effective. Just relying on a stable chair, then do 10 exercises with chairs Popsugar Fitness Guide to say that’s pretty good really, especially for people who lose weight should express it.

1.Single-leg Step-up

Raised one leg on a chair. The legs on the floor stand stable. Then lift yourself up to stand on a chair, do 10 times per side.

2. Incline Push-up

Feet, hands on both sides of the chair, legs straight, then do 15 push-ups per set, with any number of sets. This exercise works the shoulder muscles. Most importantly, it helps to reduce the abdomen as well.

3. Bench Dip

          In this position, we will place our hands on the chair. Then bend your legs or leg is but right then gradually shrink by body should be upright at all times, making a total of 15 times this posture helps to tighten the abdomen and buttocks, along

4. Single-leg Sit to. Stand

          Sit with your back straight on a chair. One leg rests on the floor. The other side is raised so that the front of the leg is parallel to the waist, then slowly rise with one leg, doing 10 times each side.

5. Bulgarian Lunge

          Lange enjoyed the chair standing straight, feet as far as the shoulders. Then stretch one foot to the back. Place the back of your feet on a chair and slowly lower yourself into a lunge position. Do a total of 10 times per side.

6. Decline Push-up

          This is an incremental push-up move. Advance to the next level with just one chair. Starting from placing both feet in the chair Then stretch to the floor in a push-up position, do 10

reps. 7. Decline Plank and Leg Raise

          In Tha Plaeng, feet rest on the chair as before In addition, the legs alternate up to 10 times each.

8. Bridge with Feet on Chair

          Lie down on the ground Feet on the end of the chair Arms placed at the sides of the body Then raise your hips in the arch bridge. Hold for a while Alternatively, you can do a bit more difficult by raising one leg while doing the bridge, doing 10 repetitions on each side.

9. Ab Thrasher

          Anyone who wants to reduce the stomach, must this position. But reserve the people who exercise regularly Has a certain level of mobility and strength. Because of this exercise, we will do 10 times on each side of the chair, which is a very fast and difficult position for those who are new to exercise.

10. Seated Oblique Bend

          Sit on a chair Lift one leg off the ground. Both hands joined together on the neck. Then rocking his head to the side Where the body did not move 10 times, then switched to raise the other leg And continue doing 10 more times,

just a sturdy chair can help you exercise more fun. More importantly, it is also a home exercise posture that is worth trying quite a bit.