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"Good health" can be created with 5 ways to follow

“Good health” can be created with 5 ways to follow

Good health, everyone wants to have a lifestyle, but today there are many incentives, such as food. Social media addiction Rarely have time to exercise All of these things are the root cause of our health deterioration. So I have an easy way to create good health that I

5 ways to take care of your "mental health to relax"

5 ways to take care of your “mental health to relax”

According to the survey of the Department of Mental Health, 11.5% of people in Bangkok aged 18 years and over had 500,000 people with mental health problems and psychiatric illnesses. Coming from a dense environment knot Causing air pollution. It also affects daily life and travel and causes accumulated stress. This is how to keep your

"Blood Type Diet", Techniques for eating food, losing weight

“Blood Type Diet”, Techniques for eating food, losing weight

Many people may not know that my blood type different systems within the body, it varies according to blood type, which is to lose weight or eat it or it should be a good balance with my blood. Because it will help losing weight more effectively It also helps your body to become

7 Ways to Take Care of Your "Physical and Mental Health"

7 Ways to Take Care of Your “Physical and Mental Health”

Health is therefore a matter that we have to focus on both physical and mental health. Many people may think that wealth is money. The source of happiness But how can you be happy with your hard earned money if your health is unfavorable? Having to go to the hospital

"Tips to Eat for Athlete"

“Tips to Eat for Athlete”

Tips to Eat for Athlete, in world-class sporting events we can see that the country’s athlete In the west or in Japan, they tend to be strong and agile. Play well and win. As for developing countries, though, they play better sequentially. Crack still can’t play well. Can play with tolerance

Keep an eye on 5 "health trend in 2021"

Keep an eye on 5 “health trend in 2021”

The 2021 health trend is therefore not just a new form of exercise. Healthy food that is hot. Diet formula of the era or the arrival of cutting-edge gadgets but how to live a life to be safe from germs and to heal myself to recover from my anxiety during

Principles of exercise for "good health"

Principles of exercise for “good health”

It is evident today that people of all ages are becoming more and more interested in physical health. By turning to exercise such as walking, running, boxing, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, including fitness. To strengthen the body and increase the flexibility of the muscles.  This allows the heart

5 basic "yoga" poses for beginners

5 basic “yoga” poses for beginners

When I get older exercise is beginning to make it difficult for people who are healthier, sometimes our bodies may not respond to high-strength exercise. Like when young but that does not mean that we cannot exercise at all. There is also another form of exercise that sees as being popular, so