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5 Behaviors to risk getting "kidney stones"

5 Behaviors to risk getting “kidney stones”

Behaviors to risk getting kidney stones. Did you know that some behaviors that we do on a daily basis. Can affect the disease of kidney stones. Usually, gallstones can arise from a variety of factors. Whether it is in the environment, genetics, lifestyle, diet, including the metabolism system

"Surf skate", a hot sports trend

“Surf skate”, a hot sports trend

Surf skate is an extremely popular sport in Thailand. It’s a combination of skateboarding and surfing. The players will have to balance on a plank. Twist the hips to create centrifugal force to control the direction. As well as using weight transfer techniques on the feet to turn left-right It became

How does the "elderly exercise appropriate"

How does the “elderly exercise appropriate”

How does the elderly exercise appropriate. Old age is the age in which various systems in the body have deteriorated. Because the body has changed a lot It also found that some of them had emotional and psychological problems. Cause various diseases that can be prevented by exercise. Which

"5 Kinds of drinking water in the morning"

“5 Kinds of drinking water in the morning”

Wake up in the morning. Who has never been rejuvenated Feeling tired and tired. This is because you don’t have breakfast. Which some people do not like to eat breakfast is not uncommon at all. Because the morning is a time of the rush. This problem is solved by selecting drinking water is