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5 "Exercises To Build Your Muscle At Home"

5 “Exercises To Build Your Muscle At Home”

Bodyweight exercises are exercises that use body weight instead of equipment. It is just building the muscles to be firm but beautiful enough. More importantly, this exercise is Recharge Energy quite well. Exercise is so important that you make time for it. Especially men Building muscle in different areas Besides

5 ways to take care of your "mental health to relax"

5 ways to take care of your “mental health to relax”

According to the survey of the Department of Mental Health, 11.5% of people in Bangkok aged 18 years and over had 500,000 people with mental health problems and psychiatric illnesses. Coming from a dense environment knot Causing air pollution. It also affects daily life and travel and causes accumulated stress. This is how to keep your

5 "Weird Sports from around the world"

5 “Weird Sports from around the world”

Many of you probably have played or know more or less of the popular international sport. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the readers to know the strange sport. That may have never been heard before In case you are interested and try to

"Blood Type Diet", Techniques for eating food, losing weight

“Blood Type Diet”, Techniques for eating food, losing weight

Many people may not know that my blood type different systems within the body, it varies according to blood type, which is to lose weight or eat it or it should be a good balance with my blood. Because it will help losing weight more effectively It also helps your body to become

"Fitness players to reduce belly"

“Fitness players to reduce belly”

Fitness players to reduce belly There will be many types. The most popular are the sit-ups. And the management system plank or exercise wheel that relies on resistance from body weight, including the torso lift the torso.  The six pack care fitness machines are ideal sit-ups for people



 We would like to introduce us that the 7 sports that are best suited for girls must be the sports that are recommended only below. 1. SWIMMING This is probably the most popular sport for young ladies to always play together. By the sport of swimming Classified as a

7 Ways to Take Care of Your "Physical and Mental Health"

7 Ways to Take Care of Your “Physical and Mental Health”

Health is therefore a matter that we have to focus on both physical and mental health. Many people may think that wealth is money. The source of happiness But how can you be happy with your hard earned money if your health is unfavorable? Having to go to the hospital

9 Things choosing a fitness for health care

9 Things choosing a fitness for health care

Fitness for health care, when we work so hard that we rarely have time to take care of ourselves fitness is another place that will help you. Because when you step into the fitness complete exercise equipment, good trainers, fun exercise classes and fellow members who share the same

"Tips to Eat for Athlete"

“Tips to Eat for Athlete”

Tips to Eat for Athlete, in world-class sporting events we can see that the country’s athlete In the west or in Japan, they tend to be strong and agile. Play well and win. As for developing countries, though, they play better sequentially. Crack still can’t play well. Can play with tolerance